In 2008, the Vermont legislature set a goal to improve the energy efficiency of 25% of the state’s homes by the year 2020. In 2013 a “Thermal Efficiency Task Force,” convened by the Vermont Department of Public Service, reported that the state was on track to meet only half of that goal. At the same time, Vermont has seen a surge of community-based organizing and activity on sustainable energy over the last decade. As of 2013, the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network (VECAN), which serves as an umbrella network for the state’s town energy committees, counted more than 150 towns with a local energy committee or local energy coordinator. Such groups have organized effectively to promote a range of activities including retrofitting schools and municipal buildings, siting small-scale renewable energy projects, and engaging their neighbors and town leaders in energy planning efforts.

佛蒙特州的家庭能源挑战(VHEC)是一岁的订婚努力,以测试当地社区组织的潜力,以帮助提高能源效率提高能源效率的认识,并通过Energy Star®计划提高佛蒙特州的效率的家庭表演项目。188宝金VHEC是通过威力佛蒙特和Vecan的伙伴关系设计和启动,它包括2013年课程的一系列活动,特别关注:交钥匙外展188宝金努力;承诺卡的分布承诺签署营业效率的行动;迷你赠款局部能源团体;培训和支持当地志愿者;和营销材料旨在提高当地能源努力的可见性。